A novel internal BGP route distribution architecture

Cristel Pelsser, Akeo Masuda and Kohei Shiomoto

Route-Reflection and confederations were introduced to alleviate the scalability issue of maintaining a full-mesh of iBGP sessions. However, these techniques may lead to routing, forwarding, route diversity and sub-optimal routing issues. In this paper, we propose a new scalable internal BGP route distribution architecture that is rid of these issues. We propose an iBGP route distribution architecture re- lying on Route Servers (RS). Compared to the work of Ceasar et al., there are multiple RSs per AS in our proposal. This ensures scalability and robustness of our new internal BGP route distribution architecture. Each route server is responsible for a subset of the external des- tinations. For this subset, the RS selects the egress ASBR to be used by each router in the AS.

In IEICE General Conference, 2009.

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