Prototype Design for Scalable Support of Interdomain Routes in a Single AS

Akeo Masuda, Cristel Pelsser and Kohei Shiomoto

In this paper, we show a prototype implementation for a new architecture of supporting interdomain routes. It is widely recognized that the rapid growth of Internet is forcing a scalability bottleneck to itself from the aspect of routing. We propose a scalable way to support the Internet routes in a service provider network. We make use of distributed servers that select routes on behalf of the routers. Then, routes are stored in a DHT so that the routers are freed from maintaining the full route in the Internet. Our new routing architecture tackles the scalability issue by reducing the number of routes needed to maintain in each router, and the number of control messages exchanged. We have developed a proof-of-concept prototype by designing modules that compose route servers and ASBRs that work in our proposed architecture. It will be used to confirm the improvement mentioned above through performance evaluation.

In Futurenet II, 2009.

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