I am/was involved in the following research projects:

2018 - 2021
WakeUp - How wake-up radio solutions will bring new paradigms for heterogeneous M2M networks
Funding: ANR Infra
Consortium: CEA-LETI, ICube, IRISA (GRANIT), Wi6Labs

2015 - 2016
LoRa CROFT - Long Range Radio : networking the objects of tomorrow
Funding: Inter-Carnot MINES - TSN
Consortium: ICube, Telecom Bretagne, Ecole des Mines de Nantes

2011 - 2019
Future Internet (of Things)
Funding: Investissements d'avenir, Equipex

2012 - 2015
IRIS (All IP Networks for the FutuRe Internet of Smart Objects)
Funding: ANR Infra Consortium: Thalès (leader), Sen.Se, ST Microelectronics, LIP6, LIG, LSIIT (University of Strasbourg)

2011 (10 months)
QoSMR (Global Quality of Service for Mobile Routers)
Funding: Orange Labs

EXPRIMA (EXPerimentations for wireless mesh networks)
Funding: BQR Université de Strasbourg

2008 - 2011
SensLAB - Very large scale open wireless sensor network testbed
Funding: ANR TLCOM
Consortium: INRIA (Project Leader) - D-NET Team (Coordinator) - ASAP Project - POPS Project, LSIIT (University of Strasbourg), Thales Communications, LIP6 (University Pierre & Marie Curie)

2006 - 2008
REMORA (Recherche sur la Mobilité des Réseaux Autonomes)
Funding: ANR-RNRT
Consortium: Orange Labs / France Télécom (Coordinator), ARTAL Technologies, Thales Communications, LSIIT (University of Strasbourg) and TELECOM Bretagne